Friday, April 18, 2014

soft & lovely inspiration

Let's all take a deep cleansing breath
and bathe in the soft and lovely
fashions and vibe of
Spell Designs...


We love their take on the sweeter side of
Boho Gypsy Beachy Chic
because it glows with such
free abandon


Who could be bitter or uptight dressed in
soft and lovely?

Tibetan Mastiff

Speaking of soft and lovely!

lets stay home // quote
For me, feeling soft and lovely
has everything to do with the
love of my life, and I will
take snuggling at home
with him over
all of your fancy
nights out.


I believe everyone should stake their teepee in the sand.
You can quote me on that.


Because life is too short for harsh and unlovely.


We just don't have that kind of time.


One Girl says
start today being
kinder to yourself.
Maybe start with a
luxurious soak in your tub.

FreePeople_IDo_April14 (3)

Come see us for help to update
your look, whether it be
boho or loco.

FreePeople_IDo_April14 (9)

And know that we believe in you at One Girl
and are here to help you enhance your look and
in turn, feel empowered by it.

Fashion is not the center of our universe;
but it's a small way we can be a part of
making your everyday life
more lovely.


Monday, April 14, 2014

pink is hot

 Black Pink Deep V Neck Hollow Chiffon Dress

believes in the power of pink.

Fight breast cancer!

It has the power to change a mood,
a room, and yeahhhhh, even the search
for a cure.


Do you like your pink hot?

ONE GIRL does too.
It says:
I have no time for blending in
when I was born to stand out.

Blair has obviously visited One Girl.


Would you dare?
How cool could this delicious hue
be on just one gallery wall in your space?


Pink is timeless.

It is the perfect color for tulips.
You go, God!


It's best friends with almost every color.


Drop it like it's hot,'re gorgeous.


Tell me you don't wanna enter this door.


 Or feel like Marie Antoinette for 5 minutes.

share your story.

Aint that the truth on pink!?!

Blooming by T.J. Zhang.  So pretty!

(It's just soooooo me, I could scream.)

Even when pink whispers, people listen.

In case you need reminding,
O N E  G I R L
is partial to
keen on

A One Girl revolution.

Stop in soon to join it.

Friday, March 28, 2014

hello cool indigo!

Move over navy blue, indiGO
is a superfly ONE GIRL
wayyyyy to GO.

Why so fly?


God bless her,
the original American flag was made with indigo textiles.

Indigo has a cool cool back story.
Derived from a plant grown in India and Egypt,
it was the most widely used dye in America
during the 18th and 19th centuries.

It was MONEY.
At one point in world history, it was more powerful
than the was used as currency, and one length
of the cloth could be traded for one human body.

Speaking of money, how boho chic is this?

Indigo may have once ruled the world,
but now it can rock ours...does this
make anybody else covet a great big ol
indigo scarf to wear and display at home?

Indigo patches, how I love thee.



You're so royal, ya know?
You're the richer side of blue even though
you're the color of blue jeans.

Alex & Ani

Blinged out, you steal the show.

But you've got this undeniable earthiness.


I got a fevah, and the only prescription is
i n d i g o, girls.


Don't you feel fashionably smarter now?
Stop in very soon to One Girl
for more lessons in all things
cool, chic, and lovely.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

SPRING: season of happy

Are we in agreement that
is a most awesome
time to feel

spiritual gangster

In the words of Robin Williams:

"Spring is nature's way of saying
'Let's party!'"

With that carefree party attitude in mind,
here are a few inspiring ideas from OG for
your wardrobe and accessories this spring.

What is more spring than robin's egg blue?!?
How cool is this on nails?

Again with that gorgeous blue...
and when you pair it with
bold nummy lip color,

rich hippie design

Springtime is lovetime fo sho.

Stela 9

Layer on the boho jewelry...we are still
lovin this gypset look soooooo much at OG
and have you covered with amazing
designs from Stela 9 and others.

boho by Rich Hippie Design
rich hippie design

Don't shy away from color.
I mean it's not like nature does!

"Spring has returned.
The earth is like a child
who knows poems."
(Rainer Maria Wilke)

In fact, don't be shy at all!

This spring let yourself BLOOM.

Wishing you a beautiful start to this
season of promise and happy.

Big hug.

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